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Antique Wood Thin Slabz

Calacatta Gold Thin Slabz

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*Thin Slabz come with aluminum backer which is included in thickness measurement.


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Material Details

Material Details: Name: Antique Wood Thin Slabz
Type: Marble
Quarry Location: China
Slab Size: 3/8x96x60
Availability: In Stock
Color(s): Black

About Material

About Material: Marble: For centuries, beauty and elegance has been defined by marble buildings and statues. Variations in each color and subtle to ­dramatic veining make each slab unique. Properly maintained, marble countertops will last a lifetime.

Thin Slabz: Thin Slabz come with a backer which is included in thickness measurement. They are genuine natural stone and suitable for designs that require very thin material.